The company was founded in 1932 and was based in Halton area of Hastings. Early days are sketchy, however the company moved to Caves Road in Hastings. During World War 2, the company was busy working for the war effort making parts for search lights etc.

After the war, Lesley Tye took over the company after working for Caffyns in Eastbourne and during the war working for the aircraft company Fairies. During this time Les Tye collaborated with a Mr Moore although they were not partners and the company was known as Moore and Tye.

Alan Jenner joined the company in 1955 to build six HRG's along with Arthur Rothon who done the ash wood framing. Alan formerly worked for St.Leonards Engineering where he made some of the last HRG bodies.

Picture of 1952 HRG 1500. Body work done by Alan Jenner while working at St.Leaonards Engineering

The picture is of a 1952 HRG 1500 the body work was made by Alan while working for St. Leonards Engineering. Alan became partners with Les Tye and continued the business when Les retired. The firm has subsequently been taken over by Alan's son Ian. Alan still helps out building special cars.

Over the years the firm have made many cars and their photo library is quite extensive.

Below are listed some of the cars that have been built over the years:-

  • 1955-1957 Last six of the HRG's were built
  • 1957-mid 1960 Majority of bodies made for Elva racing cars
  • 1967-1968 Three BRM formula 1 racing car bodies made
  • 1969 Three bodies made for the Carol Shelby CanAM series
  • 1971 Jenson special body made
  • Ford GT70, Ford Escort and Fiesta development work
  • More recently the Rolls Royce Handleigh special 
  • 2000 Fraser Nash Replica copy

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