When Auto Marine went out of business, St. Leonards Engineering took over the production of the HRG. Driveable chassis would arrive from HRG in Kingston and Alan Jenner along with Arthur Rothon built the bodies for thirty plus cars between 1949 and 1953. Alan done the panel work and Arthur done the ash framing, they also made the bucket seats that were then upholstered. The cars were painted and sprayed and then trimmed by Uptons who carried out all the upholstery work. Uptons are still based in Hastings. The radiator shells were produced in Birmingham but have since been made by Hastings Motor Sheet Metal Works. The completed cars were then delivered back to HRG in Kingston ready for the customer. Production ceased in 1953 when Alan joined the Army.

The last six HRG's were built at Hastings Motor Sheet Metal Works between 1955 and 1957 after Alan left the Army.

Hasings Motor Sheet Metal Works have also reproduced a HRG LeMan winner. The car was virtually destroyed however they were able to rebuild it from photos and a battered tail section that acted as the only pattern. The pattern still exists today.

To this day parts are still made from original templates and patterns and shipped across the world.

The image below is of a HRG 1500 after restoration was completed. This car was completely restored including the trimming by Uptons

Picture of an HRG 1500 painted black with hood raised

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